Spring Is Around The Corner.

The past week the weather here in Ottawa has been actually some what bearable. I don't want to jinx it, and I am not a weather man but I believe spring is right around the corner.  And now I have that picture of the meme I always see where there is a spring with some googly eyes hiding around the corner. The weather was so nice on the weekend I decided to go for a walk downtown Ottawa for a couple hours. I brought my camera with me and fired of a few shots. It has been a while since I freely walked around and shot street photography style photos.  Here are a couple of my favourite photos from my walk.

Ottawa Winter Skateboarding.

Skateboarding in Ottawa during the winter is nearly impossible, Luckily there is OnDeck Skateshop located at 141 Bentley Avenue. Which has been a part of Ottawa since 1988. It is also home to the only indoor skateboard ramp located in Ottawa, and has stood the test of time. On Sundays a bunch of local skateboarders get together and have a skate sesh, I went for a skate a few weeks ago and brought my gear to capture some of the Sunday madness.

On Deck Skateshop link here.


A few years ago a good friend Jamie Feres made some videos on this ramp. I was lucky enough to have one made of me.  My old friend Chris Gibbons has a couple tricks in it as well.

on deck 2012


Algonquin Photography Program Fashion Workshop 2017

Every year the Algonquin photography program hosts a fashion workshop for the second year students. This workshop is part of our portfolio development course, which is a course solely based on building our professional portfolio. This year the photography program teamed up with Model International Management to help students gain some fashion photography experience.  This workshop was extremely fun to be apart of. Some how during the awesome photography chaos I found some time to make a quick time lapse video. Stay tuned for the final images from the workshop.