Insta Insta

I was flipping through some instagrams today and came across another image of mine that I shot for Algonquin College Spa. so I had to screenshot and blog about it.


Our Homes Winter Issue.

Just went out and picked up my new issue of Our Homes Magazine, winter issue. Some more of my Photography has been published. I had the honour  to shoot some of the style picks and also the people section. You can read articles online or find print copies at various locations listed here.

Its coming to an end.

2 years is almost done. I am going to be a college graduate of the Algonquin Photography Program.  The time spent in the program was amazing and I am going to miss everything about it.  I have learned a Great deal and can't wait to see what my future with photography and media have in store for me. We are having a grad exhibition on Friday April 07 3:00 - 9:00 pm. The link is  here come show your support. (There will be a bar) and amazing photography.

Promo Video spring 2017

Well school is almost done. One of our last assignments for Multi Media Applications is to make a creative video. I Have decided to make a promotional slide show. Its pretty awesome so give it a watch.

X-Rite Color Checker

Every camera reads color differently. There will be variations from one camera to another, even if it’s the same model. Different lenses will also affect the color differently. That is why color management is an important part to any photographer’s workflow. The best way to color Manage is with the all and mighty color checker by X-rite.  My photo shoots all ways start off with a color checker shot. Here are some color checker shots from this weeks photo shoots. I am hoping to get images edited from these shoots very soon. so stay tuned.